A Beginners’ Guide To Enjoying Red Wine


The richness of the world of wine is endless and amazing which includes the gentle Merlot of South Africa to the “Blood of the Bulls” from the Spanish Sangre de Toro. In the modern world the rules for drinking wine have been altered and thus its easier for the common people to taste this exquisite drink which has in turn raised its demand in the modern world.

Despite the wine being so common and inexpensive there are still some who believes this delicious world is not open for them. There are lots of options in the world of wine, but which one should one start with? How can one enjoy a red or a white wine fully? What kind of meals is best suited with wines?

Let us have a closer look to the basics of exploring the wonderful world of Red Wine. You need to spend lots of money of the wine as a beginner. You can go for varieties and brands once you know how to explore the real taste of the wine. You can easily get some delicious red wine at R75 to R120 per bottle. You should avoid spending on high value wine costing R250 to R400 as a beginner. Though you should buy inexpensive wine but you should not buy local stuff. The local wines are prepared at the local vineyards; it can be delicious sometimes but sometimes it’s just vinegar. You should go for a local wine only if you are at a place like Napa Valley renowned for its local vineyards or else you should choose a wine which is known nationally or internationally.

At the beginning you should go for a varietal one. That means you should go for a wine which is made from single grape type which may be Merlot or Shiraz Syrah or any other. Even though the blended red wines are very delicious but at the beginning you should avoid them. You can enjoy the blends only when you have learnt the varietals of various grapes. You should also avoid the flavored or the cooled wines available at the stores in your locality. They are just blend of soda and alcohol which can cause headache as they are not made from the pure elements.

You can begin with the genuine Merlot which can of any origin from Australia, Chile or South Africa. The vineyards in these places offer high quality wines at an affordable price range. The Merlot is the most gentle wine among the red wine family and you can enjoy with a broader meal menu and thus its recommended for the beginners.
It is important to understand that the red wine needs breathing. You should keep the wine still for at least ten minutes after you open the bottle so that wine have the time to get matured with the oxygen present in the air. The breathing process enhances the delicacy of the wine and keeping the wine still for 10 or 20 minutes after pouring into the glass accelerate this process.

Another important thing that the beginners need to know is that the Red wine is kept in room temperate while the white wines are served chilled. If you cool down the Reds it will remove the subtleties and you won’t get the real flavor and pleasure for which you bought the wine. Cooling the red wine also delays the maturity process of the wine and thus you should always keep the red wine at room temperature.

In the older days there were many rules of wine drinking like the Reds with red meat or the white with chicken which have been loosened or ended now days. Though the guidelines of the past are not bad ones but today you can enjoy your favorite wine with your preferred meal than a predefined meal course with the particular wine.

So what’s next? You should give a try for various brands of Merlot from the known vineyards as the beginning journey to your world of wines. You should explore the various tastes but as a beginner you should try to stick to the one’s from the south equator. You can explore more once you get familiar to the taste of the Merlot and can spot the difference. Once you are able to differentiate between the various Grape varietals then you should go for the blends and other varietals.